Business Insurance

Keyman insurance, shareholders agreements, estate planning, and more!

Protect Key Assets

The fast-paced world of business can come to a fast stop if one of the key players or shareholders is no longer able to function or passes away unexpectedly. These are things we rarely plan for and hope that they never happen. In many cases, the business, or a portion of it, become a part of the estate, leading to questions of finance, forced partnerships, and possible dissolution. 

We Adjust To Your Needs

As people move through life, their financial needs and plans evolve. We can provide the counseling and products that suit these changing needs. Our commitment is to understanding you and your financial goals and providing strategies to help you achieve them.

Dickinson Insurance Inc. provides easy solutions to ensure the future prosperity of any business venture should the inevitable happen. For comprehensive, flexible coverage to protect your business and its assets, contact us today.