Dickinson Insurance Services

We believe insurance solutions should be as unique as the people, families and businesses they protect. Take advantage of our decades of experience in securing customized protection for small business owners, health professionals, and individuals.

Purchasing insurance can be complicated as insurance policies are legal documents and not every policy is the same.  An insurance agent works for one company and can only offer you the products of that company. Brian is an insurance broker — he has access to the products of several insurance companies and can find the best combination of coverage, price and service. In other words, he works for you.

Choice, Service, Reliability

Purchasing insurance through an insurance broker, like Dickinson Insurance, gives you peace of mind by providing choice, and coverage tailored to your specific needs. We go beyond providing a standard template of insurance coverage; instead we assess your risk in all areas and recommend the right insurance solution. We specialize in these insurance products:


In an instant your life and the lives of those who depend on you can change forever. No one likes to entertain thoughts of personal misfortune, but simply ignoring the realities of accident, illness, and death certainly don't make them go away. Planning for the unexpected starts with an insurance program that suits your particular needs and lifestyle. With Dickinson Insurance securing your future is not a difficult or unpleasant process.


The fast-paced world of business can come to a fast stop if one of the key players or shareholders is no longer able to function or passes away unexpectedly. These are things we rarely plan for and hope that they never happen. In many cases, the business, or a portion of it, become a part of the estate, leading to questions of finance, forced partnerships, and possible dissolution. Dickinson Insurance Inc. provides easy solutions to ensure the future prosperity of any business.


Designing an employee benefits plan right for your business starts with listening to and understanding your unique needs.  With the ability to design custom-tailored benefits plans, execute comprehensive implementation to ensure plan effectiveness and manage the ongoing administration that makes a plan work, Fairley Erker and Dickinson Insurance offer employers one-stop shopping to handle all of their employees'
benefits needs.