Life Insurance

In an instant your life and the lives of those who depend on you can change forever. No one likes to entertain thoughts of personal misfortune, but simply ignoring the realities of accident, illness, and death certainly don't make them go away. Planning for the unexpected starts with an insurance program that suits your particular needs and lifestyle.

With Dickinson Insurance securing your future is not a difficult or unpleasant process. In fact, Brian Dickinson has helped hundreds of people, just like you, find assurance and peace of mind through proper insurance and sound financial planning.

Life Insurance Solutions

There are many options when it comes to life insurance. Renting, owning, and leasing are a great analogy to describe these differences ‒ each has its benefits. Finding the right insurance that works for you and your particular needs is not only comforting, but smart!


  • Premiums increase
  • No equity
  • Coverage cancels before life expectancy


  • Owner controls premium
  • Substantial equity can be built
  • Coverage for life if funded properly


  • Level premiums
  • No equity
  • Coverage for life if premiums paid for life

Using real life examples and comparisons, these concepts and more are clearly addressed and easily understood.

Some General Questions to Consider

  • Do you fully understand the differences and benefits between Term, Term to 100, Whole Life and Universal Life coverage?
  • Does your current policy expire at a certain age, or are you covered indefinitely till death?
  • Are you paying too much for the wrong insurance, or will your premiums increase astronomically as you get older?
  • Do some recreational activities, like mountain climbing, affect your policy in a detrimental way?
  • Will your business survive if you don't? What are the implications?
  • How will a claim be handled?
  • Which company really meets your needs?
  • Which policy best meets your needs?
  • What documentation is needed?
  • Should you buy price or value?

Life Insurance

Current legislation allows for an exempt status on life insurance contributions that by their very nature build equity over time.